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Covanta’s attempts to expand in Minnesota find a strong resistance from neighbours and politician

Posted: 8 ene. 2011 Tags: ,

(Hennepin County, MI, USA) For the second time in two years, the county and Covanta are seeking permission to operate the garbage burner at full capacity, that would increase the amount of waste burned annually now at 365,000 tons, by 40,000 tons, about 11%. Part of the argument that Covanta holds is that expanding the incinerator would minimize the amount of waste sent to landfills, but as state Rep. Frank Hornstein explains “It’s not a choice between incineration and landfilling, because incinerating is a form of landfilling” in that the resulting ash winds up there. 
Together, officials and neighbours are working hard to make garbage burners ineligible for renewable energy credits and encourage the County to look harder at real alternatives such as recycling and composting. 

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