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Violations Over the Years



(NOV 2006, Chester, PA) The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Clean Air Found, fined Covanta with $45,600 of civil penalty for excessive toxic nickel and related compounds emissions. According to the tests conducted, the emissions were more than twice the permitted level. Nickel compounds are known human carcinogens, according to the World Health Organization.
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(SEP 2008, Pittsfield, MA) The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection cited Covanta for exceeding the allowable emissions rate for dioxins and furans by nearly 350%, according to tests conducted in 2007. The agency also cited the facility for failing to report other violations of its operating permit during 2008, and fined Covanta $7,653. The World Health Organization also classifies dioxin as a known human carcinogen.
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(JUL 2008, Okahumpka, FL) The Florida Department of Environmental Protection fined Covata $11,100 for excessive dioxin and furan emissions during 2008.
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      (JUL 2007, Wallingford, CT) The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection cited Covanta for excessive dioxin/furan emissions at the facility in Wallingford.  
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(MAR 2006, Honolulu, Hawaii) The Hawaii Department of Health found that an incinerator Covanta operates exceeded the emissions limits for dioxin/furan and lead during 2005 and fined the company with $6,200.
Tags: Honolulu, Hawaii, excessive emissions, carcinogen, fines, pollution

(New Jersey) The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has repeatedly cited Covanta for air pollution at three incinerators the company operates in that state. During 2009, the agency has fined Covanta $26,900 for violations at a facility in Warren County from 2003 to 2007 and $20,000 for violations at a facility in Union County from 2007 to 2009. The violations are both incinerators included excessive emissions of sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide.
Tags: New Jersey, pollution, citation, Warren County, Union County, excessive emissions

(AUG 2008, Newark, NJ) The New Jersey Agency also fined Covanta $14,035 for air pollution violations from 2006 to 2008, including for illegal carbon monoxide emissions and for exceeding the state’s “opacity” limits for visible emissions.
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(2008, Lancaster, PA) The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has repeatedly cited an incinerator Covanta operates for air pollution violations. Since 2005, the agency has issued ten “consent assessments” against Covanta at the facility, penalizing the company a total of $131,800. The violations have included excessive emissions of sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen chloride and nitrogen oxide from 2004 to 2008.
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(JUN 2009, West Wareham, MA) The U.S. Department of Labor cited Covanta for serious violations of safety rules and imposed penalties of $13,500. The violations included an accumulation of fly ash on energized 208-volt electrical equipment, flexible cords “hot-wired” into electrical equipment as a substitute for fixing wiring, unguarded lamps exposing workers to burn hazards and emergency lighting units missing or not functioning.  
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(APR 2009, West Wareham, MA) The Department cited the facility for safety violations found during an inspection in October 2008, and fined the company $6,375. The unsafe conditions included electrical equipment “maintained” with cardboard and duct tape, and improper storage of oxygen and acetylene cylinders side-by-side with no barrier between them.
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(MAR 2007, West Wareham, MA) The U.S. Department of Labor cited Covanta for failing to require employees fighting a fire inside the plant to wear appropriate protective clothing.
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o   http://www.americanhealthstudies.org/wastenot/wn209.htm : (1991, Indianapolis, IN) EPA counted a total of 6,000 violations of Ogden Martin’s (a.k.a. Covanta) incinerator permits limits during a 2 year period from 1989 to 1991 at the facility in Indianapolis. Among de violations committed, the company bypassed their pollution controls – scrubbers and bag house- 118 to 20 times. The incinerator had 27 boiler tube failures within one year.
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